I Honestly Had Higher Expectations

by Poke Da Squid

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released April 4, 2014

All songs written, performed, and produced by Poke Da Squid
Recorded and Mixed at Bottle Cap Recording, Seattle, WA; engineer: David Casey
Mastered at Blasting Room Studios, Fort Collins, CO; engineer: Jason Livermore
Artwork and layout at Doom Toof , Fresno CA; artist: Tyler Gibson


all rights reserved



Poke Da Squid Seattle, Washington

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Track Name: Two drunks make it write
Poke Da Squid - Two Drunks Make It Write:

Every single breath I take I do it all for you
Take in all the joys of life
Remember all the times we've been through
Every note I sing, every word I scream
I hope you’ll hear them someday
When the clouds part and the sun shines down you’ll see
What you mean to me

And what I learned from you is that we weren't living, just to die
But to make the best of life
It’s still so sad to say that we won’t know when God will take you away
When God takes you away from

I take these long drives just to clear my mind on dark, starlit skies
Think about all the things you sacrificed so we could live our lives
But all these stars burn out and fade away
Wouldn't matter all those tears I shed would never change
That day
Track Name: I'm gonna get you while you're sleeping #pinksockparty
Poke Da Squid - I’m Gonna Get You While You’re Sleeping #pinksockparty:

God’s gift to earth
(Yeah right)
More like the biggest piece of shit I’ve ever seen
Your heartless and selfish and pour out of your mouth just like my
Piss, after I drink
A bottle of whiskey could never ease the pain in my head
After I hear your voice
I wanna take a screwdriver straight through your fucking neck

I don’t care about the shit you say to me
It’s fuel for the flames and I don’t care
Keep running your mouth because I know you won’t be standing next to me
Do you even care?
It’s funny how you think you can dictate my lives
Brainwashing the kinds until they all think alike
All for the sake of unity
But your unity
(Don’t mean shit to me)

I’ve got a mind of my own
I can think for myself without your help
So you can take your opinions and shove them down your throat
Cross my fingers
I hope that you choke
It’s so obvious to see
What you lack is truth sincerity
Karma’s a bitch I hope you know
One day you’ll reap what you sow
Track Name: Panty Christ (no dogs no kitchen managers)
Poke Da Squid - Pantychrist (no dogs no kitchen managers):

From the sweat off our brows and the strength of our backs
We’re dying for a day worth living for
And if all mortal greatness, is but a disease
We’re bleeding these bottles like our remedy

If all that we say
Is more than a prayer
These songs give me something to believe

This is our life
We’re working our fingers to the bone
Throughout our strife
We’re working for a better tomorrow

We’re the song makers
And the dreamers of dreams
Singing for the truth that these songs will bring

If we ration our heartbeats
And hold our breaths
Our sacrifices made won’t be forgotten in death
And if all mortal greatness is but a disease
We’re bleeding these bottles like our remedy
Track Name: 20 vs. 20
Poke Da Squid - 20 vs 20:

They all told us lies
That this was meant to be
The moment I found out
It was too late to see

No I won’t, no I won’t
No I won’t fucking have this
This is your contribution

My sight is clear as day
I now know what to do
I know the only way
Is away from you

Maybe you’ll see one day
Just how far out you’ve strayed
Caught up in your own shit
Fall to your knees and pray
No I won’t, no I won’t
No I won’t fucking be there
Go find your own solution

I’ve been fucked so hard that it don’t feel the same
I can’t stand the lies that spell out your name
The bottle that you hit will become your grave
Track Name: Birthday regrets (vodka, whiskey, clear rum, spiced rum, gin)
Poke Da Squid - Birthday Regrets (vodka, whiskey, clear rum, spiced rum, gin):

We spent the days skating
We spent the nights painting
Waking up day dreaming on clear moonlit skies
We know this wouldn’t late
Summer goes on for so long
Especially, when a war takes you away from home

So away you go, and all that you know
Trade your bass for your gun, while your friends chase the sun
So away you go, and all that you know

You’re trying to live
The life that they borrowed
While you’re counting the hours
Until tomorrow
And today is one day less
Away from your home
Plotting to take back the life that they have stole
Track Name: Nick’s knacks and the bad luck karma shoes
Poke Da Squid - Nick’s knack and the bad luck karma shoes:

I’ve been lost
For far too long
It’s been ages since my skin’s, been kissed by the sun
Every minute, and hour, and days that’ll pass
I dig deeper, in this shithole called my life

What the fuck have I been doing, with the last few years of my life?
It seems
I’ve been spinning tires on this empty street
I don’t know how I did it
What tricked my best friends to think?
That this dream could become reality
I just realized that they’re
Just as blind as me
Didn’t notice our ship sink into the sea

I tied my desperation's into these lines
And I know that we’re probably all still wasting our time
But I feel that there is
Nothing better to do
If I give up now I would be quitting you

What good could I ever bring?
With a wounded heart and dreams
The only thing I have to my name are these songs
I wasted the spring time of my youth
Down the drain
Now I’m taking all my loved ones down with me

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